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Free interactive world map

A full free interactive world map is accessible with all our data. The long term objective is to furnish an online interactive Atlas with a catalogue of available data to help for analysing geographical data and even more the interaction between them.

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How to access our interactive free world map explorer

Our map explorer is accessible for free and without subscription.

How to use the interactive world map

The map is very easy and intuitive to use. Go to the viewer and you will directly see the basic world map background. You don’t need to subscribe and the map is totally free. On the top right you will have the zoom buttons. In the bottom right you will find the scaleline. Furthermore, on the Top right you will find the menu button. By clicking on it, you will have a menu showing all the layers. By clicking on the checkbox of the layer you will select or deselect layer and therefore they will be visible or not on the map. Finally, in the bottom right, the legend button is present. To see the legend, click on it. The legend show only the visible layers (selected map of the menu).

Available layers

Background maps

First of all, the viewer contain a basic world map for background. In other words, this map allow to see very detailed informations hover all the world like cities, road, street name, park, river, activities like shops, … There is also an aerial map available to see aerial view everywhere in the world.

The last basic background map is the country layer. This layer allow to get a less detailed view and have a more global view of the data. Therefore, this layer is useful to make a world map view of the data.

Finally, we have the catalogue with the layers containing our data.


world map with the density of population in 2020 for each country

The Demography section contain information about population across the world. Firstly, we have a layer to show the density of population by countries in 2020. It is also possible on this layer to click on country to have more information about the country like population, area, … An example of this map is show in the picture above.

density of population across the world for 2015

Further, a map with the density of population for each km2 on earth is also available. This world map is based on data of 2015. An example of this map is set above. More information about this map can be found on the web site of the European commission (Global Human Settlement).


world map with the tectonic plates boundaries

Four maps are available at the moment. Three maps focus on the tectonic plates. The first layer contains the boundaries of the plates. The second shows the orogenic belts linked to these boundaries. And finally, we have the layer with the plates and their names.

interactive map of the tectonic plates

The layer with the tectonic plates contains all the majors and minor plates. Therefore, the minor plates are in the color of the bigger plates under which they are usually considered.

The last layer in the Geology section is about all recent active volcanoes (Holocene – 10,000 years)

Ring of Fire satellite map

This viewer is still under construction. So we will add new layer soon.

The map contains also a legend and a scaleline.