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Unveil geospatial data with Terra Scientifica interactive world map, your access to maps, insights, and limitless opportunities. Whether you’re a geography pro, data buff, student, or decision-maker, our advanced GIS tool caters to you.

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How to start?

We provide an easy to use free online mapping application. The application is very intuitive and it will allow you to create custom maps in only a few minutes.

1. Register

Create a free individual account.

2. Login

Login in the application with your created account

3. Select and explore our layers

Click on the “map” icon in the top navigation menu and select the “layers” menu in the left navigation menu.

4. Create a project

In the left navigation menu, click on the “Projects” option and click on the “add” icon.

5. Draw the map

Add points, lines and polygons. Customize the size and colors of each features and set the different label to each features.

6. Export your map

Set a title and the legend and download your map.


Interactive Maps - earthquakes japan

Interactive Maps at Your Fingertips:

Embark on an immersive journey with our dynamic interactive maps. Zoom in to scrutinize intricate details or zoom out for a global perspective. Effortlessly navigate through our user-friendly interface, making exploration a breeze.

Interactive Maps - volcanoes Mariana trench

A Treasure Trove of Data Layers:

Uncover hidden patterns with a diverse array of data layers. From demographic data to geological data – toggle between layers to unveil meaningful insights and correlations.

Interactive Maps - openstreet-map

Global Coverage, Local Relevance:

Whether you’re interested in your own backyard or a far-off continent, our mapping tool offers global coverage. Explore, analyze, and make informed comparisons across regions with ease.

draw custom map

Seamless User Experience:

We understand that simplicity is paramount. Our tool boasts a user interface designed for smooth navigation and effortless operation, ensuring a productive experience for users of all expertise levels.

interactive world map - report map

Your Projects, Your Way:

ave your progress and create personalized projects tailored to your objectives.

interactive map - Egypt density pop

Unlock the Power of Spatial Insights:

Discover a world of interconnected data and geography with Terra Scientifica interactive world map. Navigate, analyze, and interpret geospatial information effortlessly, whether you’re navigating urban dynamics, uncovering environmental trends, or planning intricate routes.