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Last update: January, 3 2020

The Neckar

CitiesStuttgart, Heilbronn, Heidelberg, Mannheim
Physical characteristics
LocationBlack Forest (Germany)
Elevation706 m
(2,316 ft)
LocationRhine (Germany)
Elevation88 m (289 ft)
Length362 km
(225 mi)
Basin size13,928 km²
(5,378 sq mi)
Average in Mannheim145 m³/s
(5,100 cu ft/s)
Location of the Neckar River on the world map

The Neckar is a river located in the west of Germany, mainly in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The river is about 362 km (225 mi) length and it is a major right tributary of the Rhine. It is navigable for cargo ships via 27 locks for about 200 kilometers (120 mi) and it allows to connect the river port of Stuttgart, Heilbronn and Mannheim to the Rhine.

Neckar River map

Neckar river map