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Ohio River location on the world map

location of the Ohio river on the world map
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The Ohio is located in the Southern and Midwestern of the United States. The river flows through or along the border of 6 states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. And its drainage basin includes parts of 14 states.

The Ohio River is the third largest river by discharge volume in the U.S. and the largest tributary by volume of the Mississippi.

The Ohio river is also the source of drinking water for more than three million people.

Ohio River map

Ohio River map
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StatesPennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois
CitiesPittsburgh, PA
Cincinnati, OH
Louisville, KY
Physical characteristics
Allegheny River
LocationAllegany Township, PA
Elevation680 m
(2,240 ft)
Monongahela River
LocationFairmont, WV
Elevation270 m
(880 ft)
LocationMississippi River
Cairo, IL
Elevation88 m
Length1,579 km
(981 mi)
Basin size490,600 km²
(189,422 sq mi)
LocationCairo, IL
Average8,000 m³/s
(281,000 cu ft/s)
Maximum52,000 m³/s
(1,850,000 cu ft/s)