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World Oceans map

world ocean and major water bodies map

The World Ocean or global ocean is divided in 5 different oceans. There are no physical division separating them. The separation between these oceans are defined part by the continents, various archipelagos and other criteria.

The Atlantic Ocean separates the Americas from Europe and Africa. It is sometimes divided into the North and South Atlantic.

The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean and it separates Asia and Australasia from the Americas.

The Indian Ocean borders southern Asia and separates Africa and Australia.

The Southern Ocean encircles Antarctica and it is sometimes considered as an extension of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

The Arctic Ocean is around the north pole and it borders the northern of North America and Eurasia. It covers much of the Arctic and it is sometimes considered as a sea or estuary of the Atlantic.

OceanAreaVolumeAverage DepthDeepest Point below sea levelCoastline
Pacific168,723,000 km2
669,880,000 km3
3,970 m
Mariana Trench
10 984 m
36,037 ft
135,663 km
Atlantic85,133,000 km2
310,410,900 km3
3,646 mPuerto Rico Trench
8,376 m
27,480 ft
111,866 km
Indian70,560,000 km2
264,000,000 km3
3,741 mSunda Trench (earlier known as the Java Trench)
7,290 m
23,920 ft
66,526 km
Southern21,960,000 km2
6.1 %
71,800,000 km3
3,270 mSouth Sandwich Trench 
8,202 m
26,909 ft
17,968 km
Arctic15,558,000 km2
18,750,000 km3
1,205 mEurasia Basin
5,449 m
17,881 ft
45,389 km
Total – World Ocean361,900,000 km21.335×109 km33,688 mMariana Trench
10 984 m
36,037 ft
377,412 km

World ocean bathymetric map

world bathymetric map

The largest expanses of ocean are vast plains of depths between 1500-5000 meters. The deepest areas are the trenches where the continental plates meet, such as the Marian Trench of the Pacific. Mountain range are also present and are formed by Mid-ocean ridge.