Unraveling the Mysteries of Petra: A Journey into the Enigmatic Rose City

Throughout history, tales of lost cities have captivated the human imagination, igniting the spark of curiosity and wonder. These mythical places, shrouded in mystery, have lured adventurers, explorers, and archaeologists on a quest to unravel their secrets and unlock the enigmatic stories buried beneath layers of time. Among these timeless wonders stands Petra, the legendary […]

The Most Breathtaking Volcanoes Around the World: Nature’s Fiery Spectacles

Volcanoes have captivated humanity for centuries, standing as powerful symbols of the Earth’s geological marvels. In this thrilling expedition, we embark on a journey to explore the most breathtaking volcanoes around the world. From the majestic peaks of Japan to the enchanting landscapes of Costa Rica, these volcanic wonders will ignite your sense of adventure, […]

The Mayan civilization

This Mesoamerican civilization is nowadays well known for its pyramids, its big cities, its calendar… But for centuries it had totally disappeared under the vegetation, before it was discovered again at the end of the 19th century. The Mayan civilization covered 15 centuries, from 600 BC until AD 900. For unknown reasons their civilization collapsed, […]

The Olmecs

This old civilization was discovered less than 2 centuries ago. It is the oldest Mesoamerican civilization and the “Mother culture” of Mesoamerica. The Olmecs are at the origin of the oldest known Mesoamerican civilization. But, unlike other Mesoamerican civilization, they were only discovered in the 19th century. It is in 1862 that a first colossal […]

The Toltecs

This great Mesoamerican civilization, is less known than the other big empires of this region of the world, but nevertheless it fascinated by the Aztecs and inspired the Mayans. The Toltecs were one of the main post-classical Mesoamerican civilization located around its capital city, Tula, in the central plateau region of Mexico. Not everything has […]

Luxembourg travel guide

This little country is located in the hearth of Europe, between Germany, Belgium and France. Even if it is one of the most little country of Europe it is one of the most European ones. Indeed, the Luxembourgers speak their national language, the Luxembourgish, but also French, German and often another European language. Even with […]

Netherlands travel guide

Around 11 million tourists visit the Netherlands each year to admire the wonderful windmills, canals and tulip fields. Most of the tourists visit only the provinces of North and South Holland because it concentrates really what you need to see from the Netherlands. Dutch peoples have a broad knowledge of languages and most of them […]