Carolingian Empire

The Carolingian Empire is a Frankish kingdom from the early Middle Ages and located in western and central Europe. It was ruled by the Carolingian dynasty (which is considered to be the second dynasty of France). Location of the Carolingian Empire on the world map The Carolingian Empire was located in the following present-day countries: […]


Tartaria, Tartary or also sometimes calls The Great Tartary (Tartaria Magna in Latin), was the name given by European from the Middle age to the 20th century to Central and Northern Asia. The extension was from the Caspian Sea and the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. Where was Tartaria ? The Tartary encompassed the […]

Aztec empire

The Aztec empire (1376 – 1521) covered a part of actual Mexico and its capital was located at the current city of Mexico. The maps and data cover from the start of the Aztecs to the Spanish conquest led by Hernán Cortés. The Aztec empire map cover also the expansion by the different Tlatoque (Emperor) […]

Inca empire

The Inca empire (1438 – 1533) incorporated a large portion of western South America (Andes Mountains region). At its largest, the Inca was located on the actual Peru, western Ecuador, western and south Bolivia, northwest Argentina, a large portion of today Chile and southwest Colombia. Key facts Government Government type Divine, absolute monarchy Capital Cusco […]

Volcanoes world map

A volcano is a geological structure that results from the rise of magma and then from the eruption of materials (gas and lava) from this magma, on the surface of the earth’s crust (or another planet). It can be aerial or underwater. Because it is linked with a rise of magma most of them are […]