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Aztec empire

The Aztec empire (1376 – 1521) covered a part of actual Mexico and its capital was located at the current city of Mexico. The maps and data cover from the start of the Aztecs to the Spanish conquest led by Hernán Cortés. The Aztec empire map cover also the expansion by the different Tlatoque (Emperor)

Location of the Aztec civilization on the world map

Aztec empire on world map

Aztec Empire map

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Aztec Empire and cities map

Aztec empire cities map

Spanish conquest

Spanish conquest of the Aztec empire led by Hernan Cortes

The end of the Aztec Empire is due to the Spanish conquest led by Hernán Cortés (1519 – 1521). The expedition of Hernán Cortés didn’t start from Spain, but from the actual Cuba, that has been a Spanish colony since its discovery by Christopher Columbus 30 years before.

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Government typeHegemonic military confederation of allied city-states
CapitalTenochtitlan (Mexico)
Tlatoque (Emperor)
1376 – 1395Acamapichtli
1395 – 1417Huitzilihuitl
1417 – 1427Chimalpopoca
1427 – 1440Itzcoatl
1440 – 1469Moctezuma I
1469 – 1481Axayacatl 
1481 – 1486Tizoc
1486 – 1502Ahuitzotl
1502 – 1520Moctezuma II
1520 – 1520Cuitláhuac
1520 – 1521Cuauhtémoc
1428Foundation of the alliance between Itzcoatl (Tenochtitlan), Nezahualcoyotl (Texcoco) and Totoquihuatzin (Tlacopan)
1519 – 1521Spanish conquest led by Hernán Cortés
Population (begin 16th century) 6 millions
Density of population27/km2 
(71/sq mi)
Official languages
Aztec polytheism
Area (1520)220,000 km2
(85,000 sq mi)
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