Inca empire

The Inca empire (1438 – 1533) incorporated a large portion of western South America (Andes Mountains region). At its largest, the Inca was located on the actual Peru, western Ecuador, western and south Bolivia, northwest Argentina, a large portion of today Chile and southwest Colombia.

Key facts


Government typeDivine, absolute monarchy
CapitalCusco (1438 – 1533)

Sapa Inca (Emperor)

1438 – 1471Pachacuti
1471 – 1493Túpac Inca Yupanqui
1493 – 1527Huayna Capac
1527 – 1532Huáscar
1532 – 1533Atahualpa


1438Pachacuti created the Empire
1527 – 1532War of succession between Huascar and Atahualpa
1533Spanish conquest led by Francisco Pizarro


Population (1527)10 million
Density of population5/km2
(13/sq mi)
Official languagesQuechua
ReligionInca religion


Area (1527)2,000,000 km2
(770,000 sq mi)

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