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GDP (PPP) (estimate 2019)

Total: $2.45 trillion

Per capita: $1 930

Natural Resources

map of natural resources in Africa
{"urlFile":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/map-natural-resources-in-africa-scaled.jpeg","nameFile":"Map of the natural resources in Africa"}
Africa contain some of the world's most substantial reserves of precious stones and metals. Therefore Africa has the largest mineral industries in the world. Despite a wide range of natural resources, Africa is the least wealthy continent per capita. The table below represent the percent of the world production of Africa for various minerals.
MaterialPercent of world productionCountries
Coal5%South Africa (99%)
Uranium16%Namibia (46%)
Niger (44%)
South Africa (< 10%)
Diamonds73%Botswana (35%)
Democratic Republic of the Congo (34%)
South Africa (17%)
Angola (8%)
Gold89%South Africa (56%)
Ghana (13%)
Tanzania (10%)
Mali (8%)
Copper5%Zambia (65%)
South Africa (15%)
Democratic Republic of the Congo (13%)
Bauxite9%Guinea (95%)
Ghana (5%)